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Our articling program works on a rotation basis that gives you exposure to four different sections of the firm.  Students can choose from rotations in Business law, Real Estate law, Corporate Restructuring, Taxation, Litigation, and Administrative law. 


Because every student has different goals and interests, we look to you to play an active role in selecting the areas of practice which are right for you. And as your goals often change during the year, we continue to meet during the year to assess how your rotation choices can best fulfill your needs. 


Each section has a student mentor who meets with you on a regular basis to find out how you're progressing and ensure that you're getting a well-rounded experience. Ongoing feedback is supplemented with two reviews during each rotation. In addition, our firm Chair, Dale Lastman, holds monthly lunches with all of the articling students to answer questions, discuss your concerns and keep you informed of developments in the firm.


While the bulk of any lawyer's or student's training comes from hands-on experience, we supplement this with an extensive legal education program. Designed both to ensure you gain exposure to a wide variety of areas in our firm as well as to teach you some of the fundamentals of our practice, the program helps you progress up the learning curve so that you can quickly begin to assume significant responsibility on matters and transactions.

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