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GOODFood: Power Seed Maple Coconut Almond Granola

​ This recipe is delicious and super easy to make! Also, an added bonus is that your whole place will smell amazing once this starts to bake in the oven! Some great ways to eat this granola include: · On top of your favourite yogurt (This granola is also great paired with any of your favourite fruit so you can easily put together a few yogurt parfaits for the week and you are all set with a healthy grab and go breakfast!) · On top of your favourite pancake or French toast recipes. · Simply enjoy as a cereal with just some milk! · Mixed with a banana & peanut butter for an added crunch! It stores well and can be kept in a container at room temperature for several weeks. Ingredients: 21/2 cup

GOODFood: Simit & Chai

Being Turkish, I feel especially qualified to comment on the experience at Simit & Chai. The café is a cozy corner tucked away on King Street. You walk in, and order at the counter, then take a seat at one of the artfully laid out tables and benches. Don’t expect grandeur, this place is small, and it likes it that way. StartFragment Simit is a circular piece of bread, with some crunch to it, often adorned with sesame seeds. Americans like to refer to it as the “Turkish bagel,” which is not all that inaccurate. That being said, simit is far more flavorful and far less doughy in constitution. Often enjoyed simply warmed up on its own, with some tea. If you’ve ever been to Turkey, or Greece, or

GOODFood: Baro

On Saturday evening I had dinner at Baro, one of the newer restaurants on the King West scene. I was very much looking forward to it as it has been extremely popular and, as such, a difficult spot to grab a table on a Saturday night. Because my expectations were so high, I was a little nervous that I'd be let down. Almost immediately after we were seated, however, I could tell it was going to be a fabulous experience. StartFragment If I had to describe the atmosphere at Baro in one word, what immediately comes to mind is 'lively'. Upbeat Latin music playing in the background, a large and very friendly wait staff (our server was excellent), and a full house of Saturday evening diners excited



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