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GOODRecruit: OCI Experiences and Tips

“We hope this GOODBlog provides encouragement and advice to any law student partaking in on-campus interviews (“OCIs”). Despite it being a nerve-wracking, long, stressful day, we like to hone in and find that silver lining. Luckily, our current articling students and summer students have found a number of positives to look forward to during OCIs. Below you will find what each student has to say about that, plus an OCI-related tip! Enjoy and good luck!” – Articling Students 2017/18 and Summer Students 2017 Danielle Levesque | Articling Student 2017/18 Something to look forward to You have the chance to meet, and be inspired by, your interviewers and their journeys to becoming successful lawye

GOODExchange: Yonca in London, England

"Where in the world is: Yonca Umur. We wondered, and so we tracked her down and caught up with Yonca who is in London, England at Georgetown University - Centre for Transnational Legal Studies for the semester. Yonca summered at Goodmans for two years, so we had the pleasure of working with her closely during our summer at Goodmans. She's an impressive person overall, especially when it comes to her travel adventures. With her deep Turkish roots and her Toronto city upbringing, she is a multicultured, fabulous person with an exchange experience to match. This is what we found out." - Articling Students 2017/18 Student: Yonca Umur Law School: University of Toronto Exchange Law School: Georget

GOODPeople: Jordan Scopa

“Thankfully, I have been chosen to be Jordan Scopa’s mentee – he’s my Articling Principal. So far, I’ve done a bit of litigation research for him and I’m sure I’ll be doing more as my time in litigation continues. When people ask me what my Articling Principal is like, I say from day one we have hit it off. He has shown me that it is possible to do really great work while still having a good time. He has given me lots of knowledge and wisdom –both toward the practice of law and in life in general. High quality work while having fun—I’ve been really trying to put that that inspiration towards my first month here. If you’re curious about litigation, or intellectual property litigation more sp



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