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GOODFood: Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

The summer heat may be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refreshing cup of cold brew. It’s a great way to switch up your regular coffee routine! Cold brew may be one of the simplest ways of brewing coffee. You don’t need any special equipment and it practically brews itself. While it does take a bit of time to brew perfectly, it’s always going to give you consistent and satisfying results. Compared to iced coffee, cold brew is stronger, yet at the same time, less bitter. The lack of heat in the brewing process provides for a less acidic and more flavourful extraction. Ingredients: 1 cup coarsely ground coffee beans 4 cups cold water Milk/cream/sugar to taste Method: Combine grou

GOODPeople: Gesta Abols

“I've been really lucky to have Gesta assigned as my Principal (AKA mentor) for articling. He's an extremely successful lawyer and a genuine, thoughtful person. Over numerous coffees and lunches, we've discussed career and personal thoughts and goals, and he's acted as a confidante, coach and role model. The interview below will be especially relevant to anyone interested in a corporate/securities law career. " – Elliot, Articling Student 2017 Lawyer: Gesta Abols Practice Group: Corporate/Securities Year of Call: 2002 Law School: University of Toronto What advice can you give to law students interested in corporate/securities? Business understanding is helpful but people shouldn't be scared



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