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GOODHealth: Mental Wellness

Step one is done! With OCI applications due this past Monday and interview invitations not due to come out for weeks, there's no better time to take a bit of a mental health break and carve out some "me time." The recruitment process is exciting and, believe it or not, it's fun. We recognize that it's a time of great anticipation, but also of hard work. From application building to interviews and events, it's undeniably a busy time. Of course, it's also common (and completely normal) to feel anxious, nervous and stressed throughout the process. That's why it's so important to find time, especially in lulls or "dead periods" like these, to relax and de-stress – whatever that means for you! As

GOODRecruit: Pre-OCI Tips & Tidbits

With the OCI application deadline merely days away, we wanted to provide some targeted insight into the process. We're sure you've been overwhelmed with information as you've done your research, so we hope this fun, informative, and brief (!) piece will help break the formal mold a little bit as you hear directly from us! – Articling Students 2018/19 Samanthea Samuels | Articling Student 2018/19 What was one thing you wish you knew prior to the OCI application deadline? Is there anything you would have done differently? That I could cold call and visit firms outside of the organized student visits. My one-on-one chats with students at the firms were far more beneficial than the large group v

GOODPeople: Kate Lyons feat. Anne Benedetti

Last month, I won a challenge that was part of the summer student orientation. My prize was an outing with Kate Lyons, one of the most highly regarded municipal and environmental lawyers in Canada. Kate took me for cocktails at The National Club, a private-members club, where she served as president in 2004. I quickly discovered that Kate is a fascinating human being and was excited to sit down with her again for this interview. What made you begin the career path to law? Well, initially I was avoiding law because it’s something of a family business. I thought of it as mindlessly following in my family’s footsteps – and I didn’t want to do that – but then I actually realized that I wanted to



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