GOODPeople: Anne Benedetti

“When I was a first year summer student, I had the opportunity to work with Anne when I volunteered with the Goodmans Pride Parade float. Then, and now, she stands out in my mind as a great representation of what Goodmans is all about: passionate about her work and her community in equal measure. Her work ethic coupled with her drive to support causes that she feels passionately about makes her a lawyer who inspires me."

– Courtney, Articling Student 2017

Lawyer: Anne Benedetti

Practice Group: Administrative Law (Municipal and Land Development)

Year of Call: 2004

Law School: University of Western Ontario

What advice would you give to young lawyers starting their career?

What makes a young lawyer a great contributor is being someone who is in love with creating opportunities and solving problems.

The practice of law isn't about coming up with one idea and then falling in love with your idea. It's about using collaboration and teamwork to come up with the best solution by evolving your ideas in combination with input from your team.

What do you think makes a great administrative law lawyer?

I think three things:

  1. Advocacy. Both written and oral. This can involve anything from writing briefings, application letters and appeal letters or standing up at city council, or a Tribunal, all advocating for your client.

  2. Being a good negotiator. Understanding the goals and motivations of all members of a negotiation including: the municipality, any agencies, residents and your client and working to find solutions, not problems.

  3. Understanding people and politics. Being able to understand people and the politics that may be motivating them to be able to achieve your client’s goals.

What is a proud moment for you at Goodmans?

Organizing the "March on Bay Street"! This initiative was a way of showing that the Bay Street legal and financial community was prepared to stand up for diversity and inclusion as a group. It was important in my mind because it reminds us that caring and working hard on Bay Street - are not mutually exclusive concepts.

What is the next step for you in your legal career?

I want to continue to grow as a lawyer and to engage with my team members to solve issues and find opportunities for clients and for our firm. In addition, I have always believed that law is something that can be very aspirational, and that lawyers are people who can make a positive difference. I want to be engaged with the young lawyers at Goodmans so we can look for opportunities and address the challenges in our profession, working towards a positive inclusive future together.


Courtney Briggs is currently an Articling student in the Goodmans corporate law group. She went to law school at Queen's University.