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GoodStudents: Molly Podrebarac

Meet Molly Podrebarac, 2023 summer student

Current rotation: Litigation


I am an incoming 3L at the University of Windsor. Leading up to law school, I attended Wilfrid Laurier where I studied Political Science and engaged in a variety of extracurricular activities from the Varsity Cheerleading team to acting as the Vice President of the Laurier Pre-Law Society. Since attending law school, I have enjoyed participating in moot competitions, the Community Legal Aid clinic, and acting as the president of the Labour and Employment Club. I also enjoying exploring Detroit (especially Trader Joes) and attending pilates classes!

Why did you choose to work at Goodmans?

I was drawn to Goodmans from day one of the recruitment process. Each person I spoke with was warm, welcoming, and genuinely interested in hearing about my experiences. I felt instantly comfortable showing my personality, making jokes, and asking questions. I appreciated that the students and lawyers were not only good colleagues, but genuine friends that have built meaningful relationships over the years. Beyond the amazing people, Goodmans offered the opportunity to work on premier corporate transactions and litigation files.

What is your biggest tip for students going through the recruit?

Take it step by step. Recruitment can be a long and overwhelming process, so try to focus on the most pressing step in front of you before thinking about the next. Speaking with current summer students is a great way to learn about a firms culture and get tips on writing your cover letter and how to tackle interviews. Beyond that, focus on yourself and what makes you unique!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I try to wake up early so I can workout before I head to the office around 8:45. I typically will grab a coffee with another student or my mentors and discuss what we are working on for the day. If its Monday, I will head to bagel breakfast where the firm brings in some of Toronto’s best bagels for us to kick off the week! I then check my email and organize my agenda for the day.

As a student in litigation, your day-to-day can look very different! I often will be working on complex research assignments or writing legal memos. We also have many opportunities to attend court or sit in on case conference calls with clients which is a great hands-on experience. There is a wide variety of practice areas within litigation that you have the opportunity to get involved in, such as intellectual property, corporate/commercial, and construction. In between my day, I will typically grab lunch with some summer students and attend the many firm wide events that are being hosted from professional development sessions to pride events!

Who do you go to when you encounter a challenge during your day-to-day?

Many of my work challenges often involve finding answers to difficult research questions. When this happens, I often reach out to our librarians who are amazing at pointing me to relevant textbooks or journal articles discussing the topic. Additionally, I often reach out to our litigation research lawyer who will sit down with me and work through how to better navigate my research. There is never any shortage of help at Goodmans and everyone’s door is always open for you to ask questions!

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