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This website is designed by students, for students, and run by students, to help give potential applicants an insight into the student experience here at Goodmans.
We can't wait to show you all that Goodmans has to offer!


​Selecting the right law firm can be a complicated and exciting decision that will have a real impact on the direction of your legal career.

Goodmans is internationally recognized as one of Canada's premier transaction law firms due to our industry leading lawyers and the incredible clients we represent. Our lawyers excel in their fields to help our clients excel in theirs.  We offer a unique combination of skills – spanning business law and litigation; public and private; tradition and innovation.  Our lawyers deliver intelligent modern solutions, responsiveness, talent and determination to every client to provide them with answers to any issue, big or small.  


Clients appreciate our dedication to service, community partnership and mutual respect. That’s why so many clients have been with the firm since their businesses began. Even now, 100 years after our founding and with many clients among Canada’s largest corporations, financial institutions and multinational corporations, the firm continues to honour its roots – in client and community service.

But there's so much more that makes Goodmans unique.   

We invite you to discover the difference!


“Striking a balance between providing high-quality work and not taking yourself too seriously can be difficult in the legal profession. Goodmans has mastered this. During your summer, you will not only work on intellectually stimulating tasks, but you will also have an unforgettable summer experience.”

Andre Damata, Summer Student 2020

“My summer at Goodmans has been unforgettable. Not only have I had the opportunity to work with lawyers in various practice areas, but I’ve also gotten to know and understand the Goodmans community – it’s a place where everyone will take the extra time to invest in students’ learning and growth.”

Farrah Kudus, Summer Student 2020

“My time as a summer student at Goodmans is filled with great memories of working on interesting files with even more interesting lawyers. Everyone at the firm was eager to get to know me as a person, find out my interests in the law and help me develop a strong professional foundation for the future.”

Zhiyao Chen, Summer Student 2020

“What differentiates Goodmans’ summer program is the emphasis placed on getting to know the people you work with and the informality amongst lawyers at the firm. The flexibility of the program and the diversity of work allows students to gain broad exposure to a range of corporate/commercial files.”

Rebecca Ro, Summer Student 2020

 All of our students are highly enthusiastic about their experiences at Goodmans, so please feel free to reach out!

We love nothing more than to chat with prospective students,
since we were in your position not too long ago. 

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