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Kicking Off Our Summer at Goodmans

We are excited to be Goodmans’ 2019 summer students! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

Excitement, Nerves and…Fortnite!

After months of nerves and excitement, the day finally arrived – we were officially part of the Goodmans family. And oh boy, does Goodmans know how to make you comfortable! We were each given our own offices (with a door and a view of the city…we know it sounds too good to be true) and our favourite snacks.

For training, we had sessions with numerous associates and partners and even got to have lunch and coffees with Dale Lastman! Our training also involved “Fortnite” tasks, which put us into groups in order to compete for the title of best summer student – just kidding (but bragging rights were definitely up for grabs). These tasks allowed us to learn crucial skills for the job in a fun and interactive way. For example, we had tasks that let us introduce ourselves to partners (giving us an easy ‘in’ for future conversations with them), taught us how to commission an affidavit, and even navigate the PATH.

Meeting Marc Wilson, Director of Technology, as part of Fortnite!

Meeting Marc Wilson, Director of Technology, as part of Fortnite!

Goodmans also has a partnership with the DMZ, Ryerson’s world leading accelerator for technology startups. Every week, one of our summer students goes to the DMZ with a partner and gets to take notes on meetings with startups. Being around so much creativity and innovation is incredibly inspiring and shows the diversity of experiences offered at Goodmans.

Goodmans is a “dress for your day” office, which means that jeans and casual work attire are not only acceptable, but encouraged. As eager summer students, we walked in on the first day wearing our most formal suits and quickly realized that this was not necessary. Everyone keeps a suit in their office, however, and changes if they’re headed to a meeting or court!

Overall, everyone at the firm is friendly and welcoming, which has made the transition into work effortless. The training we received prepared us well for the interesting work we’ve gotten, and the lawyers we’ve met have been pivotal in making this summer an unforgettable experience.

What’s a summer without some fun?

On the second day of our summer, Goodmans sent us to karaoke. After that night, we can safely confirm that nothing bonds students faster than singing your heart out to ABBA, Spice Girls, and a new favourite: Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

To celebrate the Raptors making it to the finals, Goodmans hosted a #RaptorsRally. This pep rally pulled out all the stops, from cardboard cut-outs of Kawhi and Drake to snacks, like hot dogs, nachos, cupcakes, and popcorn, the event was one for the books. We also had surprise guest appearances from sportcasters Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin, Larry Tanenbaum, the Raptors mascot, and even Super Fan!

Meeting Jack Armstrong and Matt Devlin!

Summer student, Aaron Barrett, getting an airbrush Kawhi Leonard tattoo! Go Raptors!

Even better than all the guests was our very own Goodmans dance pack! 20 of our most spirited students and associates danced their hearts out to get the crowd pumped up! We’d like to think our efforts are what have kept the Raptors’ momentum going (but that could just be a happy coincidence). Goodmans raffled off tickets to Jurassic Park and even *drum roll please* seats to Game 2 of the finals! While we did not win these tickets, we were sure to live vicariously through our coworkers who had.

Just recently, we played in the Bay Street Law Beach Volleyball Tournament! In anticipation of the event, Goodmans made sure we had the best #swag with our very own Goodmans fanny packs (do they know fashion trends or what)! We had a blast spending the day on beach.

Beach volleyball was a blast - proud quarter-finalists!

All these social events have made us close with each other, but also with the other members of the firm. We joke with the lawyers, go to spin classes with the summer students, and ultimately have a blast every single day. As we look forward to the rest of the summer, we’re excited for what’s to come. There’ll be lots more coffees, interesting work, fun socials, and laughs at the office, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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