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For Your 'In-firm'ation: In-firm Interview Tips

So, you've crushed your OCI and have been offered an in-firm interview. What now? Start by congratulating yourself and getting excited for all the GOODpeople you'll meet throughout in-firm week lawyers, articling students, and fellow candidates alike!

To help you get excited for what lies ahead (and ease some nerves), our articling and summer students have prepared tips for your in-firm week:

Interacting with Others

PJ Conlon (Articling Student, 2023-24) says, "Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with lawyers with different levels of experience. There is something to be learned in each interaction you will have."

Molly Podrebarac (Summer Student, 2023) recommends that you, "Watch how people at the firm interact with each other." Noa Rapaport (Articling Student, 2023-24) adds that "You're looking for people who would make working at 1am way less 'sucky'."

Shea Neals (Articling Student, 2023-24) says, "Smile through the nerves."

What to Do

Joeley Pulver (Summer Student, 2023) says, "If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the noise from others, try to walk between interviews with some pump-up music in your headphones. Other students will be able to intuit that you’re just trying to get in the zone and will leave you in that zone!"

Noa Rapaport (Articling Student, 2023-24) suggests that once you're done listening to your pump-up music, "Mute your phone and quit any music apps you have running. You don't want to accidentally DJ your interviews!"

Gurratan Gill (Summer Student, 2023) says, "Rely on your intuition throughout the process, particularly when deciding between firms. If you’re still unsure, describe your interview experiences to someone who isn’t familiar with the process. This will allow you to pinpoint where your priorities lie and determine which firm best aligns with your goals."

Genna Citron (Summer Student, 2023), "Drink lots of water."

Noor Sakran (Articling Student, 2023-24) suggests, "Try to take a moment after each interview to record your thoughts. This will help you recall your experience after a long day and can assist when deciding which firm is the right one for you."

Conversation Topics

Ayesha Khanna (Articling Student, 2023-24) shares that Goodmans interviews are interest driven. "(As a self-proclaimed expert bartender) time flew by sharing my favourite cocktail recipes, as well as trails and waterfalls. While I was of course asked about work experiences, the conversations about my interests and passions outside of work and school, made it evident that my interviewers were really excited to get to know me as a person, and not just me as a law student."

Anything on your resume is fair game, and conversations will often move well beyond what's on paper. Own your experiences and hype them up – Goodmans is looking for kind and unique individuals, not 'cookie cutter' law students.

Asking Questions

Mik Wang (Summer Student, 2023), "Let your genuine curiosity guide the process. What other opportunity would you get to connect with so many lawyers across different firms and practice areas? Instead of getting caught up in crafting the "perfect" answers, approach each interview with genuine curiosity and desire to understand. After all, you and your interviewers are much more similar than you are different. Take the time to get to know them as individuals – who they are, why they chose their field, and what they look forward to each morning."

When asking questions, think both short and long-term. Ask questions about how lawyers engage students in their practice. Also ask questions that will help you see what your life will look like at Goodmans several years down the line.

Some Introspection

Adam Dickinson (Summer Student, 2023) says, "Don’t overthink it! While recruitment is intimidating and being prepared is key, it’s also important not to overthink everything you do in your interview. Small mistakes are bound to happen, so try your best to stay confident in yourself and not let small bumps throw you off."

On that note, some mistakes are avoidable. For example, write down your interviewers' names on a paper that you can reference before your interviews so that you aren't calling Partner Sally, Partner Sarah!

Maddy Cummings (Summer Student, 2023) wants you to, "Take a moment to be proud of yourself and recognize how your hard work has paid off. It’s gotten you into law school and now into an interview with a great firm!"

Griffin James (Summer Student, 2023) says, "Try to keep everything in perspective. Don't worry about the endgame and focus on being present in each conversation."


There is no right way to navigate in-firms. If you have a good feeling about a firm, run with it and let your host know how you're feeling – you know yourself best. Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn't include two final tips here: BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN. We can't wait to meet everyone!


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