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GoodStudents: Olivia Moon

Meet: Olivia Moon - 2022 Summer Student

Current Rotation: Litigation

Olivia is a rising 3L at Queens University Faculty of Law. She has a background in History and Political Science. She also completed the real estate program with Humber College and is licensed with the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

Outside the lecture hall, Olivia is involved in student government, serving as President of the Queens Law Students’ Society. She developed her interest in corporate and commercial law during her time at the Queens Law Journal. She also enjoys staying active through sports like basketball, volleyball, and golf.

Why Goodmans?

According to Olivia, “the vibes were great.” She got a sample of the Goodmans culture during her interview experience, where she left feeling notably energized, happy, and excited. She also liked the idea of being at a corporate firm focused in Toronto, doing meaningful work with large clients while working closely with others.

Tips for Aspiring Summer Students?

Nothing says more than the first interview. Olivia recommends paying attention to how the firm makes you feel, the conversations you have that extend beyond the law, and whether you feel a ‘spark’ with the lawyers. Keep an open mind, as the preconceived notions you had about each firm may change dramatically after your first interview.

A Typical Day

Olivia is rotating through our real estate law and litigation practice areas. On a typical day, she comes into her office, checks for emails from her mentor – a partner in Goodmans’ real estate section – works on any assignments, and checks in with her partner mentor in the afternoon.

Throughout the summer, Olivia has had the opportunity to engage in substantive legal work including drafting security documents for loan agreements, drafting critical dates lists, and reviewing agreements of purchase and sale. She has also had the chance to sample work from different sections, including drafting an article on Canadian real estate M&A and noting up construction legislation.

As summer students, Olivia notes that a lot of our challenges stem from unfamiliarity with legal administration, technology or just getting lost around the office. When she encounters a challenge in her day, the first person she turns to is her legal assistant, Judy Woolven.

Outside of the Office

Olivia’s favourite social event thus far has been our summer student scavenger hunt – organized every year by Anne Benedetti, a partner in our Municipal, Planning, and Property Tax Law practice area. It engaged her competitive side, while pushing collaboration skills and the opportunity to work with lawyers from other sections. Her favourite pit stop was Graffiti Alley! Olivia’s team of summer students and associates came first, and ended the day celebrating at a bar with other lawyers and student teams.

To learn more about Olivia’s experience or chat with her, feel free to reach out at

Author: Olivia Moon, Queens University Faculty of Law 2023


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