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GOODFood: Where to Lunch this Summer!

As we say goodbye to downtown Toronto for the summer, we impart our most valuable lessons to the new summer students at Goodmans and beyond: our top lunch recommendations. We spent the past 10 months of our Articling term curating this delicious list.

Here are some of our top places to eat lunch in and around the Financial District:

1. Salad Days - Bay Adelaide Centre

Danielle is a fan of the hearty and healthy custom salad options. Her first tip: order the Salad Days Special (for $6.95!) and substitute in your favourite toppings for no charge. Second tip: order on Ritual to skip the longer line for the smaller Ritual-line. (Salad Days is open for dinner, too!)

2. Sud Forno - Temperance Street

Allie loves the menu, the nice atmosphere and the mini bombe - a fried donut, filled with Nutella, that's the size of Timbit - for dessert. It has an awesome outdoor patio, as well!

3. Kumpfert & Kim - First Canadian Place

Amanda loves this delicious and vegan-friendly option.

4. Freshii - ScotiaPlaza

Chris goes here for (1) speed (it's close by and on Ritual), (2) vegetables, and (3) variety. It's an old faithful!

5. Koha Pacific Kitchen - Commerce Court

Brendan loves the Korean bowls with a large variety of toppings, such as kimchi, soybeans, and pineapple. He has been quoted as saying it is "pretty far out, man!" and that the best part is that it isn’t very expensive but very filling.

Niki loves that it feels like London! It's a trendy restaurant with a stellar martini and tonic bar.

Tom likes salads and he likes meat. He keeps it simple with Flock. It's: Cheap. Tasty. Healthy.

8. Kanga Aussie Meat Pies - Commerce Court

Luke loves these little buttery crispy flakes. He's from Tasmania, a small imaginary island from far away, so you can take his word for it.

Andrew enjoys the Asian fusion and budget conscious offerings at SweetLulus: edamame, satays, spring rolls and tom yum soup. All for $4-6 a pop.

WE love a loooong group lunch (or post-work dinner) at Assembly Chef's Hall! Awesome atmosphere and outdoor patio. The Hall features some of Toronto's top-notch food vendors - varying from Thai to sushi to pizza. There's something for everyone.


- Salus Fresh Foods - ScotiaPlaza

Healthy options: salad and bowls for a reasonable price.

Great salad bar and lunch bar. They also have delicious grab-and-go hot meals. Open until 8:30pm and on weekends. The Chopped Salad bar closes at 7 p.m. every night.

- Hopscotch - ScotiaPlaza

Sustainably-sourced ingredients, served fresh! Hopscotch offers salads and bowls.

- Pumpernickel - First Canadian Place

You pay for your box and get to fill it with a bunch of different types of mixed salads, and can pay for additional meat/fish etc. They also have a sandwich section and a “carvery” with hot options. Delicious, healthy and economical.

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