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Day in the Life of a Summer Student - Andre Damata

With the city on lockdown and the world on pause, this summer was far from what a law student might have expected during their summer internship. However, my summer experience at Goodmans far exceeded what I anticipated.

Goodmans was able to successfully facilitate connection building activities even through the confines of Zoom. Ranging from the firm’s virtual scavenger hunt, to its Mario Kart racing tournament, Goodmans was not only able to bring students together, but also excelled at connecting us with associates and partners from all practice areas.

The firm also ensured that our professional development was not negatively impacted by the summer’s virtual limitations. Students were provided with regular professional development tasks that not only allowed us to hone our legal skills, but also required us to connect with members of the Goodmans team to get meaningful feedback. Furthermore, we were able to work on substantive assignments that truly impacted the firm’s deals and cases.

Having worked at the firm before law school and this past summer, I can confidently say that Goodmans actively prioritizes the well-being and development of its professionals. At Goodmans, you will work with a team who cares to see you grow and is motivated to help you achieve your goals. Despite this summer’s virtual limitation, the summer class still felt the overall approachability, willingness to help and collegial traits that are engrained in the Goodmans culture. Overall, the firm was successful in making us feel like we truly became part of the Goodmans team.

Author: Andre Damata, 2020 Summer Student and University of Toronto Student


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