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GoodStudents: Joeley Pulver

Meet Joeley Pulver, 2023 summer student

I’m entering my final year at Osgoode. Before law school, I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where I majored in theatre. Some of my favourite law school experiences thus far have been producing Osgoode’s annual musical comedy revue (Mock Trial); serving as junior director of appeals at Fair Change, where we help street-involved individuals fight municipal tickets; and presenting my paper at the Osgoode Hall Law Journal research symposium (among many other fun times with friends). When I’m not at my computer, I love reading, watching movies, camping in Algonquin park, or doing a crossword.

Why did you choose to work at Goodmans?

One of the best things I heard from a Goodmans lawyer during the recruit was “we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” I knew that all the firms in the recruit were doing high-caliber work, so I went into the process focusing on whether I connected with the people. I can confidently say that the people at Goodmans exceeded my expectations! The chats with lawyers and students felt relaxing and stimulating in what otherwise seem like a hectic process. I appreciated how the lawyers joked around with each other, while simultaneously asking me about what I liked to do both in and out of school. I can confidently say I made the perfect decision!

What is your biggest tip for students going through the recruit?

This process can often seem confusing and opaque, so try to stay true to what’s important to you throughout. If that means choosing to discuss the process with only a couple students you trust and “cut out the noise” at school, choosing to reach out to lawyers and students one-on-one rather than going to firm open houses, or asking questions about things that are important to you, go for it, despite the fact that it may not be what others are doing. I think you’ll find that firms that are a good “fit” will be those that prioritize the same things you do.

That applies to your resume, too. Include the experiences and skills that may not seem immediately applicable to law. I was worried that my theatre background wouldn’t be of interest, and everyone asked me questions about it.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My favourite lawyerly answer… “it depends.” I tend to get to work around 9am and make myself a coffee, and then walk next door to one of my fellow summer students, Griffin, to ask him one of my many daily questions. Then I get to work on whatever task is on my desk that day – I’ve gotten to do entertainment, M&A, even a little litigation research… the list goes on! Then I’ll venture down into the PATH to grab lunch with some of the students and enjoy a Coke Zero at the beverage machine in Eddie’s. Then, I head back to my floor and hang out with Ed, our BL3 therapy bird (pictured above). In the afternoon, I’ll grab a coffee with one of my mentors, do my “rounds” of chatting with partners and assistants (our open-door policy is great for this!) and perhaps attend one of our excellent professional development sessions before heading home for the day. Every day looks different, but I truly learn something new every time I’m at the office.


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