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GoodStudents: PJ Conlon

Meet: PJ Conlon – 2022 Summer Student

Current Rotation: BL5 (General Corporate)

PJ is an incoming 3L at Western Law. Prior to law school, PJ played college hockey at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Highlights of his time in law school include volunteering as a Case Manager at the Sport Solution Clinic, interning with Newmont Corporation, and wining the Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada. During his free time, PJ enjoy playing golf, tennis, and helping his parents with their family farm.

Why did you choose to work at Goodmans?

I really enjoyed my conversations with young lawyers at the firm prior to the interview process. Everyone at Goodmans spoke highly of their colleagues and the culture of the firm which was a priority for me. After several months at the firm I can see why!

I also really appreciate the Goodmans single office model. After several years of operating in the virtual world, I was attracted to the concept of having all members of the firm under the same roof. Building relationships with members of the firm is important to me, and the culture at Goodmans is conducive to meeting my colleagues through informal interactions in the office.

What is one tip you have for students undergoing the recruitment process?

The recruitment process is a two-way street. I think it is important that all applicants spend time thinking about what is important to them when considering where they want to work. In my experience, the best way to learn about a firm is by speaking with summer students, articling students, and lawyers. Initially, I found these conversations to be intimidating. However, young lawyers are a great resource and are excited to speak with applicants about their experience. Ask questions that are important to you, and it will help you decide which firm will be the right match for you!

What does a typical day look like for you?

It really depends on the day! I typically start my day by checking my email and writing out my tasks for the day. Things are often changing and I think it is important to keep a running list of tasks. This has been very helpful in keeping me organized!

I am currently working with a Partner at the firm to review contracts and look for privacy clauses that may impact our client. I have a meeting this afternoon to review my work and discuss next-steps for the file. Throughout the summer, I have learned so much working with lawyers at the firm. Lawyers at Goodmans are very receptive to meeting with summer students to explain work assignments, answer questions, and provide helpful feedback.

A highlight of each day is having lunch with the other summer students. This time has allowed us to build friendships and create a support system within the firm.

What have been your favorite social events thus far?

The Scavenger Hunt at the beginning of the summer has been one of the highlights of the summer. It was a great way to explore Toronto and meet lawyers at the firm outside of the work environment.

What has been your proudest moment during the summer?

I was included on an urgent file with a tight timeline. Despite the urgency of the file, the associate that I was working with took the time to explain my task and answer any questions. I was proud that I was able to provide assistance on a tight timeline.

Who do you go to when you encounter a challenge during your day-to-day?

The support network at Goodmans is so strong! During orientation, I was amazed with all the resources available to members of the firm. The summer students are also a tremendous resource that I have leaned on throughout my time at Goodmans. When I encounter a challenge, I often reach out to the summer class to provide initial direction. I also sit beside my mentors in the office, and they are very gracious in answering questions as they arise.

Author: PJ Conlon, Western Law 2023


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